Ever Evolving from Contributions

There are so many updates I am unsure where to begin! 

This summer, Bryce and I held a number of art workshops and pop-up doodle dates at public venues where we made ourselves available to discuss symbols for the patterns in Common Threads. A few things began to evolve right away: For instance, we will not prop the panels up off the median “ground." And we will give great consideration to making the panels themselves have a shape other than rectangles. Perhaps we’ll shape the top like our mountain range.

Thus far, the most popular submissions for Durango symbols has been:

1. Mountains

2. Horses

3. Our River

4. Columbines

5. Skiing/Biking


We have a few more public appearances, but presently our focus is shifting to our local schools. We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from teachers who would love to get their students involved in big and small ways. By far, my favorite part of this project so far has been meeting Durango teachers. It’s really a phenomenal group of talented and conscientious people. 

- Allison