Bringing submissions to fruition! How this community art project works:

What is Common Threads?
Common Threads is the name of the artwork due to be created and installed in the median dividers between the 160/550 HWY in Durango, Colorado. 

What will it look like?
The general concept is that Durango artists Allison Leigh Smith & Bryce Pettit will gather symbols of Durango. Individuals like yourself can draw a symbol, submit a photo to be interpreted into a symbol, or share with us an idea or story which will be transformed into a symbol. The lead artists will gather and create these symbols throughout 2018, and then arrange them all into beautiful patterns. The patterns will be laser cut from steel screens. These screens will serve as an aesthetic divider in the raised median. The patterns depend on the symbols, and the symbols depend on YOU! So jump in and share a drawing, a photo, or an idea that represents what makes Durango special to you. 

How do I narrow a broad concept like my love for Durango down to a single symbol?
Ah, now you’re thinking like an artist! Here is our suggestion: Consider telling us a good story or experience you had here. Choose one where Durango played a key part in plot of your story. Now, if you had to write that story as a book, you would need a book cover. Book covers don’t tell the whole story in one picture, do they? They allude to the story, usually with one item. That item is symbolic of the whole. What would go on the cover of your short story about Durango? 

What if my symbol has already been submitted? 
Submit yours too! Or dare to get more specific. If we have 20 people submit “MOUNTAINS” then your submission counts as a vote towards the inclusion of mountains. And who knows- maybe we’ll choose yours specifically because it fits best into the pattern. 

Who is participating?
Everyone, please. We’re having workshops, pop-ups, school outreach, parent outreach… we’re asking artists, teachers, professionals, long-term residents...people we run into on the street!  “What do you love about Durango?” Drawings are done in classrooms, rec rooms, napkins in bars, sketchbooks in coffee shops, ONLINE! We want to know you and hear your idea. 

Now! We are collecting symbols and ideas now. Patterning is up to the lead artists and will take place in the first weeks of 2019. Panels will be cut that Spring. We hope to have a show or shows around town displaying the process in person so you can see what we all created up close before installation is scheduled for the Fall of 2019.