Design Work Incorporating Public Contributions Begins

We are so excited to begin the artistic portion of this project! Bryce and I have spent the last several months holding workshops and classroom outreach to poll the community on the things they like most about our beautiful corner of the world. The results are IN and we are assessing all the commonalities as well as the quirky fringe ideas that make art so much fun. Let me tell you: Durango loves our coffee, our dogs, the trees and the wildlife. Mountains were our number one, but then we have a ton of great ideas that represent what exactly about the mountains we love so much: camping, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, and rafting. Of course many of the obvious items will be included, and we’re going to sneak in some surprises for you all to seek out while you’re sitting at the read light. We are not discouraged about scaling back due to the grant, it is no less a tremendous honor, and as before, we’re going to give this our best. Our deep gratitude to everyone who contributed in big and small ways.