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Florida Mesa Elementary Creates Art with DHS Interns

The same classes that learned about public art and why it is important will now participate in an art project lead by Durango High School interns. In the past, Allison would give a presentation as mentioned in past event, and then the teachers would lead an art class to produce icons for Common Threads. So this is the first time Allison is leading the art class at a school. Instead she is handing over the leadership to 3 or 4 high schoolers from Durango High School to come up with the lesson and lead the 4th graders to create cut-out stencil-like shapes we can translate into computer graphics for pattern making and laser cutting.
Durango teachers John Burnite, Roxanne Mitchell, and Florida Mesa 4th grade teacher Andie Huml made this cross educational opportunity happen. Our Durango teachers are amazing.